What is PacSpout?
It's the evolution of the well-known brand Seal-Spout: the aluminium dispensing system. PacSpout is an opening/closing system for packets, cartons, cans and flexible packaging. This dispensing system pours and directs the product while controlling the flow, avoiding waste and guaranteeing it will be kept as fresh as possible.
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Are you a carton manufacturer?
No, Tacom does not manufacture cartons. We produce pour spout, a system for opening and closing packets, cartons, cans and flexible packaging along with the machines to insert the system in the packaging. PacSpout means the customer doesn't have to be tied to any one carton manufacturer because our spout, unlike integrated opening and closing systems, can be applied to any carton.
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Do you sell PacSpout directly on packaging?
Do we have to send you our empty packaging, then you insert your pour spout?

No, we supply PacSpout inserting machines to be installed in the customer's packaging line, with our spouts in reels so the customer can apply the system directly to their packaging using the Tacom machine.
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Is your machine compatible with our packaging line? Where is it installed?
Tacom offers a series of machines, all of which are compatible with existing packaging lines. Thanks to our collaboration with packaging line manufacturers, we can design ad hoc solutions. For more information, see
MACHINES. You can choose the best Tacom machine to suit the packaging and line you're using.
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What's the average cost of PacSpout?
Each single pour spout costs less than 0.01 euro cent.
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How much do your inserting machines cost?
The simpler models start at a price of 20,000.00 euros. Tacom also gives its customers the option of renting machines.
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Will starting to use PacSpout and installing your machine in our packaging line slow down productivity?
No, there have been cases in which productivity increased. In fact, as the Tacom spout inserting machine rejects cartons that aren't correctly opened, these cartons won't reach the packaging line where they could cause major stoppages.
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Will we have to change our carton manufacturer?
No, you can use the same carton manufacturer, also with solutions such as ClocSpout.
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Are there other companies in Europe who produce PacSpout?
No, we are the only company that holds the patents.
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How is your spout supplied?
PacSpout is supplied in reels with a diameter of approximately 48 cm, which on the basis of the size, shape and material contain from 8,500 to 30,000 single Spouts. The reels are delivered in boxes approximately 1 m x 1 m x 1 metre, packed in plastic bags suitable for foodstuffs. Each box is marked with the brand name specifying the type of dispensing system, the quantity and other information provided for the purpose of traceability.
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How much do the reels weight?
Each single reel weighs from 5 to 15 Kg.
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Is there a way to avoid stopping the line to change reels?
Yes, by using the E.R.C. (
External Reel Changer).
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Does PacSpout guarantee an airtight seal?
Yes, PacSpout guarantees an almost completely airtight seal.
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Which materials is PacSpout available in?
PacSpout is available in Plastic (PET, PLA and PVC), Aluminium and Cardboard.
Can other materials be used?
Other materials can be considered, on the basis of the customer's proposals and requirements.
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